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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Just got CS4 Installed at work and started playing around with it a good deal. They really went to town with the animation. The ability to really tweak the easing and parameters of each object makes it so much more flexible than older versions. It surprises me that it took them 7 versions to add something new here as it is an “animation” program by default, but the new changes are welcome and will be able to generate nice results without having to rely so much on scripting.
The project pane has been updated to make management of a project much more detailed but alas the Actionscript editor does not seem to have moved much further forward from what I can tell. There is nothing that helps along with using big 3rd party packages code hinting or otherwise. This keeps other editors (such as Flex) the choice for editing Actionscript. One thing that does seem nice though is that Flash will now use the Flex sdk some so that you can finally use features such as [Embed]. This for me may make projects where I am working with other people more portable between the 2 editors. I will have to run some tests to see how well this works.
All in all it really looks like Adobe has really spiced up Flash for the design side this time around. I am looking forward to digging deeper.