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Flash frameworks

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Been spending some time really digging into some of the popular frameworks and libraries lately. Seems like a lot of companies are putting out their own MVC flavor frameworks. Seems like there are a couple of winners in this arena: Cairngorm and PureMVC. Looking through the docs on these I think I would personally pick pureMVC for projects just because of the fact that they have it available in other languages. Both of them look really great for projects that require teams of developers to focus on building out an application with the objects so loosely coupled that it won’t barf when you try to add in some nice features later. That said a lot of projects make frameworks like these counter intuitive. Design oriented website projects in particular.
Another big framework right now is GAIA. This one addresses many of the issues of developing a site. It handles deep linking, navigation and preloading of assets. If you have a website that is not using a lot of the same functionality between pages this thing is really geared to rip out projects fast. Event hijacking lets you do the things you need to do in between an event sequence. It is something I would love to see more of in animation driven applications. GAIA is dependent on the project. If you are walking outside the “flash way” of doing things you are doing it can start getting in your way. For instance on small projects where a lot of external assets are not needed it becomes overkill.