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Sparrow Framework

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

I’ve been playing around with the Sparrow framework which is pretty amazing. I like Apple’s framework for dealing with forms and data driven content, but when it comes to graphics their stuff on it’s own feels really mixed up. Most of the time I am wondering if I should be using Quartz or Core Animation and end up finding that what I need to do is just best handled in OpenGL. Sparrow handles a lot of boilerplate things, it’s very fast and best of all it integrates well with apple’s other components. If you just want an interactive scene that does a lot of 2D stuff you just add it as a subview and start/stop as needed. It has easing, audio, fonts and movieclips, is modeled off the flash display hierarchy (which I think is flash’s biggest selling point) and even adds in event listeners.

The code for Sparrow is very very cleanly written, and is lean enough to look through but seems to hit all the core features I would want. I also found it a lot easier to start tinkering with their libraries than I did with cocos2D. The start up documentation gets you up and running in a matter of minutes. With all the drama about flash and the crap performance this is really a nice solution that plays nice with the rest of Apple’s framework.

Kudos guys.